Hello World and Welcome!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! My name is Joshua Holman and I am the founding owner of f_stop2 photography. This will be an interesting journey as I learn to navigate this new-to-me medium. Despite the challenge, I look forward with hopeful anticipation.

Our mission is to create stunning images of artists, artisans, and creatives of all types, inspire others to find beauty in their everyday world, and make a positive impact on the community through philanthropy. You can view a small sample of my work here. I am based in Clarksville, TN and, at present, serve the greater Clarksville area.

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog? The answer is quite simple, to learn. Learning and teaching go hand in hand. In fact, a common saying is that you should teach if you ever want to learn something. Therefore, the intent is to share things I discover, helpful tips and quite possibly some “useless” information.

One idea I have had was to do focus articles on clients, to share their art form as well as their journey. It’s my opinion that everyone deserves to have their story told. We have all experienced joy, comedy, and tragedy in our lifetimes, some more so than others. Most overcome tremendous obstacles and endure hardships, but as someone once said,

Every obstacle you encounter is a measure of your determination.

Joshua Holman

It’s my opinion that it’s okay to quote yourself. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with the profundity of our statements. But, you should also heed this warning. Brace yourself for dry, ironic or deadpan humor.

This blog has been more than a bit off the cuff. So, I promise more well structured and informative posts in the future. No one ever said the first step is graceful. Have a great day and be blessed.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

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