Joshua Holman Photography is the result of years of growth as a photographer. I knew next to nothing the first time I picked up a camera. One thing for certain was I quickly developed a distaste for flash photography. I realize now that that attitude was founded in part, or mostly, on ignorance of this tremendous asset. I proudly considered myself a natural light photographer for years and considered studio photography to be incongruous to the craft. Now, I look forward to opening my own studio someday soon.

JHP also stems from my own personality. I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone, but I'm not the best at small talk, chit-chat, or idle banter. I prefer conversations with depth, passion, and conviction. I look to bring the innermost you into your photographs, what makes you you.

I have photographed subjects of various types over the years. Like many before me, I started with and still enjoy landscape photography. I have spent a great number of hours shooting sports photography. I still pride myself on being a single shot photographer rather than relying on rapid fire shutter, quality over quantity. I've also shot a couple weddings and they are a challenge in their own right, a combination of product, portrait, and event photography. I've finally settled into where I believe I belong with portraits and headshots, especially low key and black and white.

I am always looking to improve my skills through formal education, independent study and practice, practice, practice. I'm a student of the New York Institute of Photography and working towards certification with Professional Photographers of America.

As stated elsewhere, my childhood wasn't conducive to artistry or creativity. Safe and practical could very well have been the mantra. Couple that with the active destruction of aspirations and it was no wonder I developed a distaste for sidewalk musicians and folks peddling their artwork in public spaces. It wasn't until I was about 25 years old that I had the epiphany, or a-ha moment, that my frustrations weren't against the arts or the artists, but against myself for suppressing my own creativity.
I first picked up a camera with the intent to learn photography in 2010. I had some early successes and quickly became the unofficial photographer of my unit in the Army. As it sometimes happens, life got in the way and I had to put the camera aside only to pick it up here and there. I've picked up and set down my camera more times than I can count, but the desire never left me.

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