Why It Matters
Whether you’re submitting a job application on LinkedIn or a potential client is browsing your company’s “About Us” page, people make snap judgments about you based on your photograph. As much as we all may wish these initial impressions were reserved for the first interaction, that’s not always the case. This is why having high-quality and up-to-date professional headshots can help you get ahead of the game.

Leaving a Positive First Impression
Updated professional headshots showcase your professionalism, leaving behind a better first impression. Imagine a company where all employees have mismatched or poor-quality photos. Potential customers might question whether the organization has adequate resources or an eye for detail. Your headshot should be an accurate portrayal of yourself and representative of your actual age and experience level. A 10-year-old headshot can make you appear less experienced than you truly are.

Reflecting Changes
In addition to natural aging, an updated headshot is necessary after you’ve made major changes to your appearance. Whether it’s a new hairstyle, facial hair, significant weight loss, or other transformations, your headshot should reflect the current “you.” Being easily recognizable from your photo is essential.

Brand Representation
Your headshot should also align with the brand you’re representing. Consider the context: If you work at a hip startup, showing off colorful tattoos in your headshot might be fitting. Conversely, for a more conservative corporate accounting firm, a more traditional appearance could be appropriate.

Best Practices
Getting photos taken isn’t always a natural feeling, so here’s some expert advice on how to get the best results:

What Makes a Good Headshot?
Lighting and Angle: A good headshot showcases the real you with great lighting and the right angle.
Genuine Smile: Your smile should be genuine and exude confidence.
Neat Hair and Makeup: Keep it neat while still looking like yourself.
Professionalism: Your headshot should exude professionalism and confidence.
Remember, working with a professional photographer often yields the best results.

What to Wear
What you wear for your headshot should align with your industry and brand:
Office Setting: If you work in an office, a dress shirt and blazer are safe choices.
Creative Fields: Hairstylists or artists might opt for something more casual that showcases their personality.
Contrasting Tones: Wear clothes in contrasting tones, especially for black-and-white images.
In summary, keeping your headshot current sends a message that you’re invested in your career, take your professional brand seriously, and want people to see the authentic you. So, let’s update those headshots and put our best face forward! 


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